Avoiding and Treating Whiplash

Whiplash is likely the most infamous result of car accidents. Caused by forces that propel the head forwards and backward, it results in neck pain and can also bring about herniated discs, cracked vertebrae, and other problems. For this reason, it is often associated with images of neck braces and stories of chiropractic visits.

Man with whiplash after an auto accident in Brookline, MA.

Car accidents, however, aren't the only sources of whiplash. It can be caused by anything that produces extreme front-to-back motions of the head. In extreme cases, it has even been brought on by overly-vigorous "head banging" at rock concerts! Therefore, you need to be careful to avoid it when engaging in any activity that could result in this condition.

Tips for Avoiding Whiplash

  • In cars, make sure your headrest is properly adjusted. This will stop or reduce the rearward whipping of your head during a collision.
  • Maintain sufficient neck tension when on forceful amusement park rides. Do not allow your head to be thrown around by the motion of the cab.
  • Don't throw your head forward and back during musical events with too much force. While your own muscles won't produce the level of force of a car wreck, you can still hurt yourself if you overdo it – even if you're under 18.
  • Avoid whipping your head around to look at the source of a startling noise or sight. While right-to-left motion isn't as likely to cause whiplash, you can still strain your neck and be sore for days.

Treatment for Whiplash

Despite your best efforts, the day may come when you get into a situation that causes whiplash. When that happens, your healing will go faster if you get the proper treatment. In fact, you should be checked out by a chiropractor in Brookline even if you don't feel any symptoms. This is because it can take a long time for the pain to arise, but if you wait until it does, it'll take longer for any treatments to work.

A chiropractor will check to see if you've damaged any vertebrae or discs in your neck. Often, they will have ended up slightly (or worse) out of position and need to be put back into their proper places. Having this done will prevent irritation to the nerves in the neck and thereby prevent problems from happening downstream. Issues with the cervical spine – the part of your spine that runs through your neck – can result in problems elsewhere in the body thanks to the way almost all nerves pass through the area.

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